WØTQ's Morse Museum

Other Bugs


Rotating Dow Key

WB9LPU Tiny Bugs, the right one is aluminum, much lighter and removable legs. It does not covert to a paddle like the brass one.

WB9LPU Tiny Bug - A magnet controlled damping system, converts to a paddle

A Triplex bug by G3YUHin right hand bug mode

A Triplex bug by G3YUHin straight key mode

A Triplex bug by G3YUHin left hand bug mode

Older model Go Bug

Begali Intrepid magnetic bug, reverse pendulum

Delux MacElroy bug

Australian Buzza J-36

Lionel WWII military J-36.

Bunnell J-36

Vertical Viz Key

Right Angle Viz Key

Zip Key

MacElroy Telegraph Apparatus Co (TAC) Bug

1938 McElroy Bug

MacElroy P500 Bug

Electrical Specialty Mfg. - "Cedar Rapids Bug" The kit key

Les Logan SpeedX 500

Early model SpeedX note unusual placement of adjustment screws on the yoke.


Japanese Coffin Bug

Real Radios Glow in the Dark  
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