WØTQ's Morse Museum



WB9LPU Tiny Bug - technically a bug, but can be used as a paddle

Pair of WB9LPU small Parkwoods

WB9LPU paddle for the Elecraft KX1

Three March magnetic paddles

Palm Paddle with code cube and travel case

Begali Adventure mounted on my KX3. I also have the mount for the KX1

Vizkey sideswiper

Vizkey vertical paddle

Autronic Paddle, non-iambic

A beautiful engraved March paddle

Vibroplex Iambic Paddle

A Schurr paddle

Palomar Engineers with Brown Bros Paddle

Palomar Engineers with Ham Key Paddle

Begali Simplex Mono

Vibroplex Brass Racer
with Curtis keyer chip

Jones Key paddle

Jones single arm paddle

Kent Single Paddle

GHD GD507B Iambic paddle with Optical contacts

Hamkey Dual

Heathkit HD-1410


Vibroplex Vibrokeyer

Real Radios Glow in the Dark  
Proud to be a Know Code Ham






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